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Oops – I Slipped and Created a New Series

Standard warning – I write as Kai Parker and PJ Silva. We are one, yet we are many… Just, go with it.

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This Week in My World

  • Cupid’s Guide Books 2 and 3 ready to roll
  • Kai and PJ collaborate – but not really
  • Taking the Field Planned for NaNoWriMo
  • Character Collective Podcast episode 6 goes live

Cupid’s Guide Books 2 and 3 Ready to Roll

Cupid’s Guide Book 2 and 3 covers, right here folks! Book 2 due for release November 1st and book 3 will follow on December 1st. Both are edited and just need a couple of little formatting tweaks until they are ready to inflict upon the world, MWAHAHAHA.

GET BOOK 1: Cupid’s Guide to Getting Fucked Up HERE NOW!

Kai and PJ Collaborate – But Not Really

The world of NUSA is all PJ Silva, but with one little spark, came an unexpected connection. Sean is on the wolf Mars Ball team with Jackson, Weylan, and Marcy. He is a tyke (human raised wolf). Sean sends back video of his games to his older human brother on Earth who is on a sports scholarship at university. In the vain of BASEketball, one drunken night, he and his teammates invent iStrike. And so I stepped in to take over! BUT, it will have nothing to do with NUSA beyond perhaps a mention (maybe not even that). It’s completely stand-alone and in a totally different genre.

Taking the Field Planned for NaNoWriMo

iStrike now sets the scene for the First Strike Book Series. The iStrike series is something a little different for me – MM Sports Romance because those things together are funsies! Book one, as you may have guessed, is titled TAKING THE FIELD. Add it to your GoodReads list.

I’m a HUGE fan of the book series All for the Game by Nora Sakavic so although Taking the Field doesn’t have the snail pace slow burn or the constant heart-thumping pressure of ‘everyone’s going to die’, it has definitely been inspired into existence by AFTG. Tanimen and Henley are not a butcher’s son and a lovable murderer, haha. Instead, they are an Olympian’s son desperate to shake off the shadow of his father and an aged-out foster kid who doesn’t know what home feels like. Like AFTG, there is a rough-as-hell invented sport, mixed-gender teams (because, damn I love that), the college life with dorm living, and two people who somehow manage to make each other better when neither thought it mattered.

Taking the Field is my NaNoWriMo project which means, I’m writing the thing in November. It’s already nicely planned out and I’m ready to play. Follow the Character Collective Podcast (keep reading for links) for daily updates on how it’s going.

Character Collective Podcast Episode 6 goes LIVE

We are already up to episode 6 of the Character Collective Podcast. Amazeballs. Kristy and I are both doing NaNoWriMo and we’re taking you through the process on our podcast. Episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 follow the NaNoWriMo preparation process throughout Preptober (aka October). In November, we’ll do our regular weekly podcast but also daily project catch-ups. Listen to our latest episode here:

Follow/subscribe for all our episodes and join us for NaNoWriMo. Click on your favourite podcast platform below:

Want to know more about NaNoWriMo? Well, this video won’t help that much, but it’s still funny, and accurate… Do’h! After you either laugh, cry, or cock your eyebrow in confusion, maybe head over to for the low down.

Kessler, L 2013, “Ask Lovecroft – NaNoWriMo”. Youtube.

Writer’s Update

Overview of Current Series Progress:

Series TitleDraft/SeriesProject StatusNext TaskDue Date
First Strike0/3IN ACTIONWrite
Book 1
Cupid’s Guide3/3IN ACTIONLaunch Book 21/11/20
Death Wish Foundation3/3On HoldEdit book 1
After Time0/32021Plan
Road to Romance1/?On HoldEdit book 1
Wipe Out1/1SalesProfit check4/10/10
Write Now Book Writing (with PJ Silva) 5/5IN ACTIONEdit workbook31/10/20
Path to Purpose (with PJ SIlva)5/5On HoldEdit Book 1

First Strike Series

  • OOPS! I slipped and created a new MM Sports Romance series and a new damn sport!
  • Book 1: Taking the field is already planned out and ready to be written in November during NaNoWriMo.
  • Book 1 covers the first six months of the brand new game, iStrike, at a university in Florida USA – it is the first half of their ‘trial demo league.’
  • Book 2 is already peaking out its head (no pun or euphemism intended. That’s a lie, totally intended!) Book 2 covers the second six months of the demo league including the playoffs and finals. It follows Tony Horn, a bruiser known as Thor (introduced in book 1), and Marcus, a quiet goalie. Should be fun!

Cupid’s Guide Series

  • Book 1 – Cupid’s Guide to Getting F*cked Up, is available to purchase now!
  • Book 2 – Cupid’s Guide to Getting Laid will go live on November 1st.
  • Book 3 – Cupid’s Guide to F*cking the Rules will go live on December 1st.
  • Books 4 and beyond have now officially gone on hold until I get feedback from the first 3 books.

This Week in the World of Kai Parker

It’s been an interesting week. I hate to mention the dreaded C word, because it really hasn’t affected me as it has many others; but, it has affected my living arrangements. I’m a house and pet sitter with no fixed address. Aside from a 2 week sit, I’ve been relying on friends to house me since March and most of that time, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress. I’m extremely grateful that I have a roof, a bed, and friends to take my ‘technically homeless’ ass in.

This week though, has been a little frustrating. I had a confirmed sit right on the beach that would house me through November. It fell through, which is fine, it happens, but the home-owner ‘forgot’ to mention it. Lol. Anyway, as is the way of the Universe, I was delivered another sit. Not on the beach, but surrounded by sports facilities – appropriate for the writing of Taking the Field, right? That all happened across four days so it was a mini rollercoaster and I survived but forgot to get the t-shirt, haha.

Hiding! Photo by Pixabay on

Uni finished up for the session so I’m enjoying a few weeks off before it kicks in again early November. I should be heading off to my sit next week so a bit of packing and admin clean-up coming my way. Yay – fun! Haha. But I am looking forward to five weeks locked away in quiet. Who would have thought that in a pandemic lockdown, I’m craving peace and quiet? Gees. Check out for updates about what’s happening in the world of NUSA – because let’s face it, the rest of PJ’s stuff in simmering on hold.

Thanks for Playing

Don’t forget to check out the Character Collective Podcast and follow our NaNoWriMo journey through November. Also, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments. Let me know what YOU would like me to share as a writer.

Until next time – keep on reading!

Kai Parker


Writer of LGBTQAI+ Sci-Fi Fantasy and sports romance

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