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Natural Unhuman Space Academy Series

After the unhuman uprisings, once the unhumanitarians had eased tensions and the humans and unhumans agreed to integrate, it became clear. The unhumans weren’t bringing the apocalypse, they were bringing the future.


In the near future, NUSA, the Natural Unhuman Space Academy was created from a possibility.

Could all the Un-Human kids running around (yeah, the ones pushing the population up even higher) do something for humanity other than just cause shortages in blood supplies (oh, those vampires), feast on the brains of the dead, (boy, were humans glad that the Zombies are too lazy to find their own food), and eat through the centaur farms quicker than the humans could breed them (wolf puppies are insatiable)? Could they make a difference, for the better?

Could their unique traits be the perfect way for humans to explore deeper space with their current technology?

Could they be the leap ahead the humans need – to survive?

Or are they just kids?

Cupid’s Guide Series

Harvey is your average, run-of-the-mill, drunken, lazy, screw-you 22-year-old with no desire to do much of anything. That was probably why Janey dumped his ass. Actually, it was definitely why she dumped his ass. But with a mate like Dave, who has time to wallow?

It seemed like any other night at Dicey’s… pissing it up and not giving a f*ck. He even hooked up. But then, something weird happened. Not your average weird either. This was a balls dipped in yellow paint and slapped on the kitchen window kind of weird. But this is Harvey’s story, so I should let him tell it.

*** Dark Comedy – WARNING: High “FUCK” count. And yes, other words. Not my fault Harvey talks like that. Lol. Any reviews commenting negatively on this will receive a laugh and eye roll. This is a satirical dark comedy. Some themes may be disturbing including mental health, alcohol and drug use, hospitalization, hegemonic masculinity, etc. The intention is not to diminish the impact and importance of mental health, but rather to invite the question… who decides what is okay and what is not?

Choose Your Own Psychopathy

You… are a serial killer.

With that title comes certain responsibilities. Like, who is your next victim, and how to dispose of the body, and do you get rid of the neighbor today or tomorrow?

Anyway, this is your story. Come play. You decide the life you’ll live, or not.

You’ve heard of choose your own… you know. I won’t say it here because, copyright, but you get the gist.

This is not for the squeamish, but if you like a good choose a path that brings with it a slightly unhealthy dose of roleplay therapy, the choose your own Psychopathy books may be just up your alley.

With 20 possible endings, what will be YOUR story?

Sugar Twink (A Role Reversal MM Romance)

Not all twinks need sugar, but even a king needs a daddy.

Gay romance with a heavy slathering of kink, genderfuckery, and all the queer.

Skylar Scott has everything any twenty-something queer boi could want. Friends, money, alcohol, and sex on tap. Oh, and Tantalize, his queer nightclub baby he nurtured into the safe space for every flavor that it is today. But it can get boring at the top, or on the bottom, depending on how you look at it.

Tom has nothing any thirty-something gay divorcee should have. No friends, no money, he can’t even afford to drink himself stupid and forget how pathetic he is. And when was the last time he had sex with anyone other than himself? Might as well drink his paycheck!

It doesn’t take long for Skylar to notice a Tantalize virgin at the bar. He finds Tom intriguing, in that don’t-speak-to-me-but-I’m-desperate-for-any-kind-of-connection kind of way. A challenge is exactly what Skylar needs and Tom may just be the answer. Or, he could be the start of a whole new question neither of them saw coming.


Gay romance, aged difference, daddy/little kink, brat, rich/poor.

Contains explicit sex with HIGH-LEVEL CONSENT!

Sit Happens (a one-bed romance short story)

It isn’t Liam’s fault everything is awkward AF, but that doesn’t mean Chippy isn’t going to take it out on him.

Ok, so her parents don’t even know she came home while they were overseas, but why the hell was their housesitter in her bed? Rude! Let operation ‘Run the housesitter out of town,’ begin. Well, that was the plan, but it’s hard to destroy someone who is so difficult to hate.

Not that anything would ever happen between them. Liam is too stuffy to have a one-night stand, and Chippy is enjoying her life way too much to want anything more. Isn’t she? But it’s hard to keep someone at a distance when they are so close.

Wipe Out

There was panic.
There was mayhem.
There was… no… damn…. toilet paper.

Meet Wyatt.
Wyatt isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed or even a moderately capable rusty knife. No, Wyatt is about as blunt as a ball bearing. But when his family runs out of toilet paper during the dreaded Coronavirus Crisis Lockdown, he has no choice. He must save his family from certain arse roughery and discomfort!

His father trusts him. After all he said he was the, “Most expenda… EXPERIENCED.” He would make his parents and younger sister and brother proud.

Will Wyatt find the white gold roll he seeks?

Join Wyatt on his tale of challenge, adventure, love, intrigue and utter ridiculousness.

**Disclaimer: This story is INSPIRED by real events 😉 butt (spelling mistake intentional) is wholly fictional. It does not refer to Covid-19, rather, a fictitious Coronavirus outbreak.

Living on Purpose Series Available on KINDLE

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Human Concept: The Science of Awareness
Un-Hustle: The Conscious Art of Allowance
Say No and Be OK With It: Flip Your Narrative
Path to Purpose: Find Your Passion

The Living on Purpose Series from Writer’s World (Kai Parker and PJ Silva)

Story Bored

“Write a short-short story in the genre of Crime about a God. It should include a sport and the sentence, ‘Never have I ever.’ Bonus points if there’s an octopus,” and 364 other unique writing prompts!

BORED of the same old story prompts?

Need something unique to get you started?

How about 365 of them for play, practice, shits, and gigs? Auto-generated from 14,856,594 possible combinations, you won’t find these prompts elsewhere because I made the whole damn generator myself! Prompts include for microfiction, flash fiction, short-short stories, short stories, and poetry, across 18 genres.

This first edition of Story Bored has 365 prompts – one for each day! No two prompts are the same (I checked, just to make sure). But remember that writing prompts are designed to get you started. If your microfiction becomes a novel, go you! The creativity is all yours. Write one a day in order, or grab a free 365-day writing prompt checklist to keep track of which prompts you’ve completed (you’ll find the link in the introduction).

So, get writing. Get creative. And get a little silly because writing should be fun!

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How to go from No Idea to Published Author
10 Minute Author
Write Better with Critical Friends
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