Cupid’s Guide Series

Harvey is your average, run-of-the-mill, drunken, lazy, screw-you 22-year-old with no desire to do much of anything. That was probably why Janey dumped his ass. Actually, it was definitely why she dumped his ass. But with a mate like Dave, who has time to wallow?

It seemed like any other night at Dicey’s… pissing it up and not giving a f*ck. He even hooked up. But then, something weird happened. Not your average weird either. This was a balls dipped in yellow paint and slapped on the kitchen window kind of weird. But this is Harvey’s story, so I should let him tell it.

*** Dark Comedy – WARNING: High “FUCK” count. And yes, other words. Not my fault Harvey talks like that. Lol. Any reviews commenting negatively on this will receive a laugh and eye roll. This is a satirical dark comedy. Some themes may be disturbing including mental health, alcohol and drug use, hospitalization, hegemonic masculinity, etc. The intention is not to diminish the impact and importance of mental health, but rather to invite the question… who decides what is okay and what is not?

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The Write Now Book Writing Series from Writer’s World (Kai Parker and PJ Silva)