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Don’t Swear on your Book Cover – Well, FUCK!

Non Compliant! Ouch.

So, I can’t advertise on Amazon. Why? Because of that scratched out word on the cover of my book. Free speech, my ass! Lol. Non-compliant in Australia and USA. I set it as adults only so I’m really not sure why it’s such a big deal. I mean, it’s just a word, isn’t it?

As a writer, I find it truly perplexing because I see the letters, and I see the words, but the meaning is the deepest creation. Yes, I use words to convey a meaning, an emotion, but it is up to the reader to decipher that meaning and emotion through their own filters to determine what it means to them.

Who is Amazon ‘protecting’ here? I feel like it’s much more about political sensitivity than anything sensible or arguable. Let’s have a look at the word, fuck.

The History of the Word FUCK

I’m a writer, but I’m also decidedly lazy and enjoy procrastination, so rather than researching, I’m just going to share this well known video that hasn’t done any research itself, but is totally entertaining.

Origin of the word FUCK – (jdirt2019, Youtube, 4th Nov, 2012)

There you go. Don’t you feel enlightened now? Or at least, a little desensitized. Not that you would be reading this if you were sensitive to the word ‘fuck’ in the first place. But, you need more. So here is a delightful explainer from Wikipedia:

Fuck is a profane English-language word, which often refers to the act of sexual intercourse but is also commonly used as an intensifier or to denote disdain. While its origin is obscure, it is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475. In modern usage, the term fuck and its derivatives (such as fucker and fucking) can be used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an interjection or an adverb. There are many common phrases that employ the word as well as compounds that incorporate it, such as motherfucker, fuckwit, fuckup, fucknut and
fuck off.
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They say to never reference Wikipedia – but in this case, I think we’re fine. Fuck just seems like a fun word to me. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fucker. That was fun to think, say, AND write. I have to wonder if someone so offended by a couple of letters put together to make a sound has anything real to concern themselves with. In these days of Covid-19, isn’t there enough to fret over? Can I say, fuck Covid? Or is that offensive to Covid?

Okay, yes, I know, we are way off-topic here. What’s Covid got to do with my book cover being non-compliant for Amazon advertising? Well, nothing at all. But I guess that’s my point. I ‘wasted’ a bunch of hours yesterday creating ads so I guess now I’m wasting more time complaining that I wasted all that time. Hey, I already admitted I’m lazy and totally nail procrastination.

So Here we Are!

Yep, we are now at this place. I can’t advertise my books that I’ve spent a huge chunk of time on. The time wasted on ads pales in comparison to the time spent planning and writing my first three books in the Cupid’s Guide Series. Harvey has drained me telling me his story and at the end of it, I have books I can’t advertise. Sure, I could change the cover, take that word out, but that word is a solid preparatory warning of what’s inside. Book one has a 165 fuck count (or something like that). Yes, there is a warning in my blurb, but if someone doesn’t read that, and they don’t get from the cover that yeah, there is a fuck tonne of FUCK in the pages to come, I’ll end up with an undeserved one-star review. So, I’m weighing up those options.

Nope, I’ll still seek the readers that will laugh at my book rather than be offended by it. Even if it means I don’t sell many copies. I’m holding onto faith that there are still readers out there that don’t take themselves so damn seriously!

Feed an Author

So, here is my shameless self-plug. I AM shameless because there is no shame in pursuing your passion and dreams even if it means you need to beg people to buy your book so that you can get a coffee and maybe, like, live long enough to write the next one, right? Exaggeration? Look, perhaps a little. But, not by a lot. Haha. So please, I beg you, buy my fucking book. Lol. But seriously, if you are up for a laugh, don’t take yourself seriously, and aren’t offended by words, then you will probs love this.

… quite simply one of the most entertaining novels I’ve read, from front cover to back. {The author’s} overtly original idea of Cupid – being embodied by a narcissistic ‘everyman’, Harvey, who has clearly lost his way – along with a unique storyline to boot, is probably the most unique take on the concept of Cupid to date. An easy, humorous, and interesting read. I can’t wait… to see where Harvey’s adventures land him and I can already visualise the mini-series.”

David Jon O’Neill (Performer, producer, and author of the Performer’s Manifesto)

Kai Parker