Project Mass Teet Yeet

Last Updated: 16 November, 2021

Below are lists of funding sites and stores created to help awesome people reach their truest evolved Pokémon forms. If you can GIVE, please do. If you want merch, check out the Pride Creators listings (profits go towards their evolution). And if you have teets that need yeeting (or to be yote) and you need help making that happen, SCROLL to the bottom to drop your deets and join Project Mass Teet Yeet. My hope is that those who are helped will one day be in a position to pass that on to others 😀 Let’s yeet them teets!

NEW for australians: Post Surgery Care in your own home!


Status Key:
100% – YEET! 25% FUNDED

Name/UsernameFunding PageTarget
V / @V_enbyGoFund Me$9000
Theo / @feraltransguyGoFund Me$10000
Aeryn / @muppet_nutGoFund Me$12000
Cody / @jannatransmommaGoFund Me$7500
Kai / @totally_kai_GoFund Me$15000
Carroll / @wyzrd71GoFund Me $7500
Florence / @mxjinzojrGoFund Me£11000
Max / Me$9500
Jay / @jaypageofficialGoFundMe £9000
Gallus / @cheekyroosterboyGive a Little$35,000
Isabel / @nicechimichaGoFund Me$9000
Spencer / @spencerunicornkingGoFund Me$11000
Nathan / @_nathanjakeGoFund Me £8500
Benny / @elliotspapaGoFundMe $9000
Lu / @lujoboi
(SURGERY COMPLETE – Funding assistance appreciated)
GoFundMe $6000
Cameron / @cameronrainex
(SURGERY COMPLETE – Funding assistance appreciated)
GoFund Me£7100

PRIDE CREATORS LIST (Funding through Art/Merch)

Name /UsernameMerchLinks
Jeremy / @thattransguynamedjeremyStickers, Masks, Shirts, CupsINSTA – Jjs_Art_Insta
FB – Jjs_Art_Insta
@exston16Rings, Jewelry, ArtETSY – Built on Pride
@riveronmarsPatchesETSY – RiverOnMars
Isabel / @nicechimichaDrawings, paintings, and tattoo design commissionsINSTA – fuzzyduk
Kai / @KP_the_writerRainbow merch, quotes, AFTG fan merch,
iStrike fan merch
REDBUBBLE – Rainbow-Pride

FULLY FUNDED – TEET YEET TIME! (not necessarily through here but we hope we helped!)
Cameron / @thattransguy_cam
Ryan / @rjboiii
River / @Riveronmars


Conditions of Inclusion:
* Funding sites and stores must be for the purposes of funding FTM or nonbinary Top Surgery – TEET YEET! This is to keep the purpose defined. All sites will be checked prior to inclusion.
* As this is an initiative I’m driving through TikTok, a TikTok account must be provided so that I can confirm you are a member of the community (for everyone’s protection) and to contact you to let you know you have been added, but you may choose to keep this private.
* No, you don’t have to follow me, haha. But, if you do, I can confirm you’ve been added. If you don’t see your name on the list within 72 hours, please contact me via TikTok DM. @KP_the_writer. PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, applications go to SPAM so please reach out if you are not added.
* Please keep in mind that the above amounts are in the user’s local currency and based on their local costs.
* Any person included that DOES NOT meet the above requirements has been personally approved PRIOR to these stipulations. I’d love to see others create pages like this for MTF and other funding.
* I’m one person doing this in my own time. What I get out of this is knowing I maybe helped someone and yes, my funding store is on here for my own journey and medical transition.
* The Funding List will be capped at 25 and then a waiting list will be in place. Why? Because the aim is to get names OFF THE LIST. This will be more effective if we funnel the funding.
* Please share with care – safety is the most important thing and we don’t want to invite trolls.